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Playing Sudoku started from filling out a simple table that was written or printed on a piece of paper with the numbers 1 to 9. From thereon, Sudoku puzzles were printed on newspapers, magazines, puzzle books, and other print media. And with the advent of computers, Sudoku puzzles are now in electronic format, in the form of stand alone programs, Java applications on webpages, or Flash web applications.

The graphical presentation of current Sudoku puzzles didnít have drastic changes and innovations. Most websites still present Sudoku puzzles as standard black and white tables using standard font styles. Innovations included the use of the mouse in solving the puzzle, automatically checking inputs for errors, and showing the solution to the puzzle. These have made Sudoku very addictive and appealing.

But there are still those who prefer the traditional pen and paper approach to solving Sudoku puzzles. Some say that solving a Sudoku puzzle on a piece of paper sharpens the mind more compared to when a puzzle is solved using the computer. Others are not to familiar with the computer, so they prefer solving puzzles printed on paper. And still, there are those who just feel comfortable solving Sudoku puzzles that are on paper. Whatever the reason for your preference, you can check out these sites so you can download and print lots of Sudoku puzzles to your heartsí content.
Sudoku puzzles in this site are presented as simple tables on a webpage. No fancy graphics. Only simple keyboard operations are needed to solve the puzzles here. If you want to print the Sudoku puzzles, 10 medium level and 10 hard level puzzles are initially offered for printing. You can search the site for many more printable Sudoku puzzles. When the puzzle is printed on paper, you get what you see on the monitor.
You can download and print hundreds of Sudoku puzzles that were made by Jim Baumgardner. These puzzles are classified according to Easy, Intermediate, Challenging, Tough, and Super Tough levels. Tips and strategies on how to solve these puzzles are also included in the site. The puzzles are simple black and white tables with prenumbered squares that are grouped into simple books with 8 puzzles per book that are in PDF Format. You need Acrobat Reader to view and print the puzzles. No 3D graphics. Just plain old Sudoku fun and contentment.
This website currently provides 1,095 puzzles for Sudoku fanatics and puzzle solvers alike. The puzzles are grouped into 3 levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, and Difficult. For each level, there are 365 printable puzzles.

Just click on a difficulty level, and select the puzzle you want to print. Right click on the puzzle, which is an image on the webpage, and select Print Picture. All printable puzzles have their corresponding solutions. To print the puzzle and solution on the same page, select Get Printable Sudoku Version.
Puzzles are divided according to 5 levels of difficulty: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Fiendish. To print a puzzle, click on the desired level of difficulty to let another browser window pop up. Then, right click on the puzzle in the new browser window and select Print Picture. Random puzzles are generated when clicking on the same level of difficulty.
This site offers 2000 printable Sudoku puzzles that are divided into Easy, Medium, Hard, Mean, and Evil levels of difficulty. There are 400 puzzles per level. Click on a puzzle link to show the puzzle, which is somewhat three dimensional in the graphical sense of its presentation. Click on the Print button at the bottom of the puzzle to print the current puzzle.
This site offers PDF formatted Sudoku puzzles that are grouped by 6 in each link. There are 268 links that offer Sudoku fanatics and puzzle solvers about 1608 Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels, from Very Easy, to Very Hard. Users can view and print the puzzles using Acrobat Reader. Solutions to the puzzles are also available in printer friendly PDF format. Just click on the link for the solutions corresponding to the puzzles and print them using Acrobat Reader.
Sudoku puzzles in this site are grouped by pairs. There are 17 groups of randomly selected puzzles with different levels of difficulty. The levels of difficulty range from Easy, Medium, Hard, to Very Hard, Fiendish, and Diabolical. All puzzles are in PDF format that have simple image advertisements attached to each puzzle pair. Use Acrobat Reader to view and print the puzzles.

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