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Sources of daily Sudoku Puzzles

Invented in 1979, Sudoku is one of the most addictive puzzle games to hit the US, Japan, Europe, and the rest of the world. Sudoku gained popularity in Japan in the mid 1980's, the US in the early 1990's, Britain in the middle of 2004, and all over Europe since then. The rest of the world is catching onto this very addictive puzzle game due, in part, to the variety of sources that offer Sudoku puzzles - from books, newspapers and magazines on the print side, to TV shows and even the Internet. For those who prefer solving only one Sudoku puzzle a day, check out these sources of daily Sudoku puzzles.


As the website URL suggests, this site offers users a different free Sudoku puzzle every day. It has 4 levels of difficulty for the timed attempts: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Fiendish. Each level

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has its own daily Sudoku puzzle that users can solve and have their times posted on the site. No need to register! A 1-minute animation provides instructions on how to play Sudoku. The site provides solutions to the previous day’s grids, and the site’s archive has older Sudoku puzzles. A simple, yet Oriental–themed grid is used for all the Sudoku puzzles. Various other features are also available. A nice site to check out!


The Daily Sudoku offers users different Sudoku puzzles on a daily basis. These puzzles are printable and are available for use offline. The site also shows the solution to the day’s puzzle. Larger 12X12 and 16X16 puzzles, and what they call a "squiggly" puzzle, are also available for download. You can find a variety of links to other Sudoku resources there as well. Feel free to download your Sudoku puzzles now!

• is a more general site that offers free online mini games for users. Its Sudoku game can be played online and against a clock. Post your time on the player board and see how you fared against others. Playing the game by using the mouse is easy. Though the puzzle uses simple, clean graphics, users may find this game very addictive (once they get the hang of it). If you don’t like your solution, just reset the game and time and solve the puzzle in record time! Other features, such as viewing puzzle archives and solutions to the previous day’s puzzle, are available there.


At the time of writing, this site is "Temporarily Unavailable". This site is a competitive Sudoku site that offers a different Sudoku puzzle daily. Difficulty levels per day are set by the site. Gentle (Easy) level is only available on Mondays (UK time). Moderate level is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Tough level is only available on Thursdays, and Diabolical level is offered on Fridays and Sundays. Download the day’s puzzle, solve it, then submit your solution along with some basic personal information like name, email address etc. and get a chance to win a prize! Common features are also available here like links to resources, tips, purchasable Sudoku games etc.


Yahoo! Games–UK offers Yahoo! fanatics its version of Sudoku. Daily online versions are available, and different puzzles are available for Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. You can instantly view the solution to the day’s puzzle. You can also download the Ancient Sudoku Game, which has good graphics that make it look like a Mayan stone tablet.

These are just some of the websites that offer users daily Sudoku puzzles. If you search the net, you can find a lot more of these websites.

A lot of newspapers all over the world offer daily Sudoku puzzles as well..

• Clarin (Argentina)
• Diario Perfil (Argentina)
• The Australian
• The Courier Mail (Australia)
• Daily Telegraph (Australia)
• Sydney Morning
• The Age (Australia)
• Le Soir (Belgium)
• Het Belang van Limburg (Belgium)
• De Standaard (Belgium)
• O Estado de Sao Paulo (Brazil)
• Toronto Star
• El Tiempo (Colombia)
• El Colombiano
• B.T. (Denmark)
• Nordjyske Stiftstidende (Denmark)
• Ekstra Bladet (Denmark)
• Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)
• Le Parisien (France)
• Handelsblatt (Germany)
• Die Welt – Kompakt (Germany)
• Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
• Elefthrotypia (Greece)
• Ta Nea (Greece)
• Apple Daily (Hong Kong)
• am730 (Hong Kong)
• The Standard (Hong Kong)
• Fréttablaðið (Iceland)
• Irish Independent
• Irish Times
• The Jerusalem Post
• Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel)
• Ma’ariv (Israel)
• Haaretz (Israel)
• Il Secolo XIX (Italy)
• La Republica (Italy)
• Dagens Nœringsliv (Norway)
• Adresseavisen (Norway)
• Correio da Manhã (Portugal)
• Metro (Portugal)
• Destak (Portugal)
• Slovenske novice (Slovenia)
• Beeld (South Africa)
• La Vanguardia (Spain)
• Le Temps (Switzerland)
• Le Matin (Switzerland)
• Berner Zeitung (Switzerland)
• Bangkok Post
• Newark Star–Ledger (USA)
• The Buffalo News (USA)
• Chicago Red Eye (USA)
• Los Angeles Times (USA)
• The Washington Post (USA)
• USA Today
• The Boston Globe (USA)
• San Francisco Chronicle (USA)
• Seattle Times (USA)

There are tons of other US newspapers that offer daily Sudoku puzzles. Be sure to check your country’s national and local papers if they offer daily or weekly Sudoku puzzles.

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