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How to Play and Solve Sudoku

When you hear the word puzzle, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

There are so many words that could jumble in your mind; it could be a problem, a riddle, a question a mystery and a lot more. However, can you not realize it that the bottom line for every puzzle is to find a solution?

This is the same thing with Sudoku puzzle. First, it is important that you need to get yourself acquainted about the basic rules and instructions about playing it. Second, you should learn to establish your own strategy for winning it and lastly is to arrive at a certain goal.

After being able to know the history and the factors included in the game, you will now arrive at a very essential aspect, which is the solution method. In Sudoku, there are actually three processes that are combined together in solving the problem given to you.

• Scanning

This is carried out at the beginning and throughout the performance of the solution. This can be done only in between the analysis period. It has two techniques namely the Cross-hatching that involves the process of eliminating numbers from the rows or columns. Second is the Counting method. This is utilized in identifying the missing numerals that will help in speeding up your search. A player usually explores all the possible contingencies during the process of scanning.

• Marking up

This follows when scanning ends. This is the time when the player couldn’t find any further numeral that can be discovered. It is the turning point for your logical analysis. It is helpful if you can make use of some notations that will be placed on the blank cell for your guidance. Your notation can be represented by either a subscript or a dot. It will depend on your preference.

• Analysis

This is now the final process that you will have to do. It involves two main approaches, the so-called “candidate elimination and the what-if”. On the first approach, progress is done by sequentially removing the candidate numerals to the point that there will only be a single choice that will be left. For every solution achieved, another scanning can be done. Several methods of candidate elimination can also be applicable; it can be through matching of the cells or matching of the numerals.

The “what if” approach will somehow include guessing, although you will still need to follow your logical choice of number. A cell that has only two candidate numerals is chosen and then you can make your own guess.

In Computer solution, it also uses a distinct approach whereas algorithm is commonly used. However, other more effective general approaches have been found. It constitutes Sudoku solving programs such as the following:

• The emulation of the solving methodology of man as closely as possible. This will allow the determination of the level of difficulty of any inputted puzzle.

• One should have the capability of solving the problem given on a puzzle as efficient as possible. Through this, man can create a faster resort for computation.

It is a fact that it is possible for computers to find a solution for the puzzle problem as quick as you want it. However, you should also be able to determine if the method used by the computer is valid or not. In other words, it should only have one exact solution for every problem. Some of the computer analysis could even imitate a human solver, such as the marking up approach. Rapid solvers can as well use the trial and method process so that they can create the best possible solution for the problem.

In Sudoku puzzle, it is also quite ironic unlike other types of puzzle games. The lesser the numerical figures that are given is easier to solve while the more average numbers given are more difficult. Thus, the level of difficulty is not being gauged on the quantity of the given number but with the positioning of the digit.

No matter what approach you seize in playing Sudoku puzzle, as long as you know its proper rules and strategy in every move that you make, you can surely win the game.

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